Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swimming Rama, My Version

I came across a wonderful blog not to long ago and decided to try a variation on one her recipes. Her blog can be found here
Karina's Kitchen . Peanut sauce has always been one of my favorite things but it's so rare that I get to have it. I made this for dinner last night and thought it was wonderful. This will most definately be something I make again in the future. As for the rest of my family, I made them fried pork chops, my special (that's what the kids call them) garlic mashed potatoes, and canned green beans. I thought my dinner was better but they don't have the same affection for peanut sauce as I do. Tonight I'm reheating the rest of my swimming rama dish. The others? They're having BBQ chicken with rice a roni and corn. Tomorrow is our going out night so I will not be cooking at all.

Swimming Rama
What you'll need:
-Skinless boneless chicken breasts, cut into thin strips about two inches long
-Five to six tbsp creamy natural peanut butter
-One and a half to two cups chicken broth (progresso's chicken broth is gluten free)
-One tbsp basalmic vinegar
-Dash (or two, depending on how hot you want it) cayenne powder
-Fresh spinach leaves
-Rice (optional)

Start cooking the rice according to package instructions if your making rice to go with this. Heat chicken broth in small saucepan over medium heat. While broth is heating up, sautee chicken in a little canola oil in skillet. Steam your fresh spinach until hot and soft. While the chicken and spinach are cooking, add peanut butter butter, basalmic vinegar, and a pinch of cayenne pepper to the chicken broth. Stir with a whisk until smooth and creamy. You may have to taste test to see if you'd like to add more cayenne pepper. I don't like things too hot but others do. Once everything is done cooking put chicken and spinach on plate and pour the sauce over it. If your having rice you can either eat it plain on the side or, how I like, put the rice on your plate first and then put the rest of the ingridients over the rice. Enjoy!

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