Sunday, March 15, 2009

In search of something new

I'm starting to get bored already with the meals I've come up with to cook for myself over the past couple of months. I need something new and exciting. I need a new cooking challenge. So today I'm going to the new Trader Joe's to see what kind of gluten free goodies and inspirations I can find there. I'm thinking maybe lasagna. That should be easy for me, but it would be a white sauced lasagna since tomatoes are no good for me. What I really want is to try something I've never tried before. Maybe some sort of squash with risotto, something with veal perhaps, or maybe pork chops. Pasta dishes are something that I have a lot of experience with but have not experimented much with gluten free. I'm also aching to use my crock pot which has been sitting in the corner of my kitchen collecting dust, the poor thing. It's tough sometimes to try to figure out a way to cook things I know I would like but to omit dairy and soy. If I only had to omit one or the other life would be so much easier. It's okay though, secretly I like the challenge. My only real problem is time. I don't have a lot of it to be able to be at home and cook things that are complex or take more than an hour to make.

Hopefully there will be some new recipes coming soon to my blog. More variety, not just dinners. I want to expand to add snacks, lunch ideas, breakfasts, and more. I'm slowly but surely working on gluten free baking. This has been something that has intimidated me for quite some time and I finally decided to dive into it. Also to be coming in the future, pictures! What kind of food blog am I running without pictures to help accentuate the yummy-ness of the recipes I've come up with? My blog definately needs some visual stimulization.

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